Brain overload

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I was awake til 1am this morning tossing and turning and replaying everything in my head over and over...I just couldn't switch off. I eventually got to sleep but brain turned on at 6am and went into over drive once more.

Luckily I had a crazy busy day at work so I had no time to dwell on everything. Though being so busy was hard when I was exhausted. But I made it through..

Had a mini break down in the car on the way home. All of a sudden I got really angry (stupid drivers on the road) and started yelling and screaming (cuckoo..crazy lady!!) and literally the next second I burst into tears...

Considered it could be side effects from the letrozole as I was also feeling quite warm all day (and letrozole can cause hot flushes). Who knows..I have read that it has less side effects than clomid so perhaps it was just because I was sleep deprived and had a long day. -shrugs-

I am in a slightly better place than I was yesterday. I'm still confused about all this but I figure there is nothing I can do to change this and all I can do is try what the doctor suggests.

I still can't see it as a step forward (feels to me like 10 steps back) but perhaps I just need more time to digest all the information. Will feel better once I can ask the FS some more questions too....

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Green Sprout said...

Clomid crazies... now that episodes all too familiar for me! But you've also not had a lot sleep and been stressed so there is one big nasty grrrrr moment waiting to happen.

I wish there was something magical I could say but you've gotta get your head around it all in your own time. Just know that we're all here and feel free to rant it out with us.