Sunday, July 11, 2010

We have almost made it through our BDing marathon..just need to get a session in tomorrow before DH leaves and we have covered CD12, 14 & 16 (along with CD10 & 11). Hopefully that covers all bases....and perhaps makes a baby?!?! (I can dream!)

FS tomorrow for my ulstrasound and to ask my hundreds of questions. I really want to know:

-how long will I be on Metformin (as my stomach is still not liking it)?
-how many cycles will we try Letrozole for?
-where to next if the drugs don't work?
-do I definately have PCOS (which I am hoping the u/s will reveal)?
-will I need a Lap done, and if so-when?
-can I have a CD21 blood test? (and for further cycles on Letrozole be monitored with u/s & BTs)?

I think that will definately satisfy me if I can get all of that answered and explained...

Can't believe DH is back to work tomorrow. His time home goes way too quickly. But hopefully his time at work will go just as fast and he will be home before I know it.

Friday night out was fun. I drank a bottle of wine which is unusual for me (not a big drinker) but I spaced it out over the evening so felt fine. The BBQ last night was cancelled so got to spend another night cuddled on the couch with DH watching movies which was fine by me! Today DH is working on his car...hopefully he will be done soon. We are still headed out to dinner tonight with my family. Looking forward to it. The restaurant is meant to be amazing. My sister is raving about it..and she is a chef, so it must be good!

Not much else. I must say I am enjoying the not caring about when I ovulate deal!! No stress! Just sex...hahahaha! Perhaps this is the 'relax' approach that everyone craps on about?!?! Oh well...if it gets me pregnant then I will be a very happy girl.