textbooks, sex & holidays

Friday, July 9, 2010

All is going to plan. Have had sex CD 10, 11 & 12...with no signs of stopping!!! Smiley

Well actually we are going out for drinks tonight...so I suppose it depends on how much DH drinks! I am happy if only end up getting 2 more sessions on CD14 & 16. I will be satisfied that we have tried our best!Smiley

Slept in this morning Smiley and then we headed down the beach to give the dog a run. It was sooooo windy down there, but nice to be out in the fresh air. No one was down there, so pretty much had the beach to ourselves! And because it was low tide...there was lots of room for doggy to run. He has such a great time!

Have spent the rest of the day relaxing at home. Nothing special..but gotta enjoy the time doing nothing as its going to be a busy few nights. Tonight we are off to dinner and drinks (though I think it will be more drinks) at a friends place.  Smiley This friend of DH's can drink..alot...and when DH is with him..he likes to drink...alot. So it will be interesting to say the least! Roll Eyes Pictures, Images and Photos

Tomorrow we are off to a BBQ (and drinks) at another friends place. This will be a lot more low key..and hopefully a few less drinks! Smiley Then Sunday night we are headed out for dinner with my family for a belated birthday celebration for my sister. Smiley I think its going to be food and alcohol overload this weekend!!

Uni starts in a week and a bit. I am excited and nervous all at once! Smiley I have ordered all my textbooks, so just need to wait for them to arrive. There goes almost $400!! Smiley But its an investment and I will be able to claim it next year on my tax return..so it's not so bad I suppose. Don't think DH was very impressed...but he knows it will be worth it in the long run!

We are also trying to organise a holiday!! Smiley So exciting as our last holiday was in 2006! I am also still waiting for a honeymoon..so this very well could be it! DH has decided that he is tired of postponing and putting it off. We will use our tax returns and take a short break away. Unfortunately DH doesn't have much holiday time available from work yet, so we will go away on one of his breaks back home. We figure 5-6 days break is better than nothing, and we have both most definately earnt it!! Smiley Getting some quotes at the moment, but at the moment we are looking at Bali. It's cheap, not too far away and we can beach it up and go shopping!!
It will be happening in the next few months and I can't wait!!!!Smiley

PS sorry for smilie overload..but I miss them when I blog on my phone! Smiley