A day full of nothing

Monday, July 5, 2010

It's 20 to 4 in the afternoon and I am still sitting in my PJs. I have done nothing all day...(and only just realised how late it actually is!).

The metaformin made me feel quite ill this morning so have been battling the urge to vomit for most of the day...yuk.

Took my last letrozole this morning. FX it does it's job...

DH is home tomorrow. We will have to get busy...though I am sure DH wont mind.

I really doubt that anything will
happen this month, but it doesn't hurt to try I suppose...pfft.

All I can think about is my next FS appointment. This time next week I will at least have a few more of my questions answered and know what direction we are headed on this never ending journey!

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