Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Let the battle begin!

First day for letrozole and I am now waiting for the crazy, drug induced hormones to start...I wonder if it will be better or worse than last month.

I must say I am liking DH's week on, week off roster...it is working in very well with my cycles and he hasn't missed ovulation for awhile now! -cue cheers-

Next week it will be all systems go again with lots of sex on the agenda. Once again, you will not hear DH complaining about this!!

I have worked out that if this cycle is a bust, then next time I will ovulate while we are on our holidays!! Perhaps we are destined to make a holiday baby?!? Or perhaps the stupid adage of 'relax' will prove it's point?!?

Either way, I would prefer this cycle to work thanks very much...as tempting as conceiving a baby in Fiji is!

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Green Sprout said...

Shut up! There will be none if this relax and it will happen business!!!! Third time lucky damn it! LOL!

Summastarlet said...

No!!!! 2nd time lucky thank you very much!!! I want it to work THIS cycle dammit!!

Green Sprout said...

LOL! Fair call and hopefully it will! Bout time someone had something good to share!