Monday, July 19, 2010

SIL made her announcement today...they are having a girl.

It feels like the universe is rubbing it in my face even harder that I am not pregnant after close to a year of trying.

Seriously, what have I done to deserve this heartache? Am I being punished by being forced to ride this roller coaster ride of emotions month after month?!?

To add to my pain this morning I popped onto BubHub and saw my ticker has rolled over to 50 weeks and 2 days!!!! 2 more weeks and I hit the year mark...

One more week and I should know if we have been successful on the first cycle of drugs..

To be perfectly honest I am not expecting a miracle. And if we are...well I will be going out and buying a lottery ticket!

My crazy dreams are apparently normal in the TWW after taking fertility drugs. GS mentioned that she has experienced this on her few cycles on clomid, so assuming letrozole is similar.

Still have lots of CM but I had this last month and we all know how that ended, so no point getting my hopes up there!

Nothing else worth mentioning. Nausea is part and parcel of the metformin now so can't say it's a symptom either...

I was an idiot and tested this morning...BFN of course. I am a glutton for punishment!

The crazy dreams are so intense. Last night I dreamt I was in a car was so real. I woke up feeling quite distraught and was feeling myself over for the injuries. The other night it was aliens taking over the world.

I never (or rarely) remember my dreams so this is very bizarre for me! And all of them feel quite real. Ugh! Crazy hormones!!!

DH is home tomorrow so a good thing happening!

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