gastrointestinal problems..oh and CD19

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Metformin is NOT my friend. Smiley It is wrecking havoc with my stomach and today was especially bad.

I actually thought I had escaped the worst of it today. Felt a little nauseous, but at around 2pm it hit me...hard! And I must say it is NOT fun to try and walk calmly through the office to make it to the loo on time...Smiley Yuk!!!

I am trying to look on the bright side of it though...I have definitely been eating less as I am either not interested in food as I'm feeling unwell, or when I do eat it fills me up more than it normally would so I am not hungry. So perhaps I will lose some weight?!?! It's kind of like an enforced diet...Smiley

My weekend is once again here...Smiley which I am very pleased about. 4 days off!

I plan to get a head start on some readings for uni, and I MUST clean the house! Smiley It desperately needs doing...and I have avoided it for too long! Stupid, because now it will take me twice as long! Smiley

Still having issues deciding on holiday accomodation. Getting some quotes from a travel agent my mum hopefully she will have some good ideas!! Smiley I must say I am very excited at the concept of a's been such a long time! I can hardly imagine being somewhere completely new and just being able to relax!!