ups and downs

Saturday, July 17, 2010

CD21...somewhere in the TWW and doing my best not to let the crazies invade my headspace!! Smiley

Have had 2 days with heaps (and I mean heaps) of watery/lotiony CM. It's been enough to make my knickers wet...(keep forgetting a panty liner) Smiley

I am also having lots of crazy, vivid dreams...all seem so realistic too! I had a dream about POAS too which made me want to get up this morning and test...silly! But I held strong and didn't!! Smiley

All of this stuff could or couldn't be pregnancy related...Smiley Wish it was time to test..

Had a lazy start to the day and stayed in bed til lunch time. Was having a bit of a blaaah moment over some stupid stuff which made me want to stay in bed and have a pity party...BUT I got myself up and did the housework! Also printed out some uni stuff so I can get started on my first weeks readings. Smiley So I turned the day around, though nearly messed it up again when I spoke to DH this afternoon on the phone.

I am not sure why but I just started to get really cranky and upset with everything he was saying (and he definately WAS NOT saying anything awful). He was unimpressed and almost hung up on me...but didn't! Smiley The conversation picked up after my spin out thank goodness! DH's comment of course was 'maybe you're pregnant!' but I quickly told him not to get excited!

Hopefully booking our holiday next week. Just gotta sort out a few minor details! Smiley