Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Seems like it's been awhile since I blogged...but it hasn't really!

I guess I am in the TWW...of course I don't know how many DPO I am so no obsessing over when I can test etc etc etc. I am CD18 so there's another 8-10 days before I can expect AF. And that's if my cycles stay the same now that I am on meds.

I am still upholding my no checking of CM or CP. This is something I begin to obsess over once in the TWW, so it's a nice change to be laid back and not worried! I am going to try extremely hard not to read into so called 'symptoms' this time round either.


Yeah yeah I probably say this every month...but this time I have been sticking to these things. I didn't use OPKs, I didn't try and temp, I didn't obsess over ovulation. I am doing well!

I am still in a really good frame of mind too. It's such a nice change after being so down and depressed for so long. It's nice to be happy and not stressing about TTC every waking minute.

Yes, I am still having moments during the day (and night) where all I can think about is how much this sucks and wondering if I will ever hold my own baby in my arms, but I am trying to limit this to mere fleeting thoughts.

I am sick of spending my days feeling miserable when I can't do anything more than what I am doing to have a baby. And again I will reiterate that it helps to know where we are going with all this. That we have a clear timeline of what we try and for how long. It makes this easier to bear in a weird way.

I have also been keeping busy trying to organise our holiday. We have swapped from Bali to Fiji as flights to Bali were a bit too expensive for a 5 day trip. I am getting frustrated trying to coordinate DHs flights to and from work with the holiday flights there is an overwhelming choice of places to stay and I have no idea where is best! We don't know anyone who has stayed over there either that I can ask questions. I am sure I will sort something out. I have to hurry up though...we are headed off at the end of August!!

I think a holiday will help my state of mind too (and DHs). Some relaxation and couple time won't go astray!

I am hoping our little TTC group will have some good news soon from Shel. She is painfully waiting it out in the TWW. Everything crossed that this is her month!!

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