Monday, August 16, 2010

5 more days until AF is due. I don't know whether she will come or not. Nothing stands out as a pregnancy symptom. Nothing stands out as an AF/PMS symptom. Hurry up weekend!! 

Yesterday was great!!! Mamma Mia was an amazing show-great sets, music, costumes & dancing. My grandma was so excited when we told her in the car on the drive down where we were taking her. She had a great time and thouroughly enjoyed the show. At the end they did a bit of a medley of songs and EVERYONE in the audience was standing up, clapping and bopping along (us included)! We had dinner together when we got back home too-nice end to a lovely day. 

Today I need to finish part of an assignment which is due today. AHHHHH!!! Not having much luck with this assignment so far. Very confusing and so much work. I keep telling myself that the sooner I finish it, the sooner I can have a nap!!!

Been so very,very tired the past few days. Have not been sleeping well-finding it impossible to fall asleep any earlier then around 11:30pm-midnight (no matter how exhausted I am) and then I only sleep for a few hours before I wake again. It's very frustrating. 

DH is home tomorrow. I have the day off work so I can pick him up from the airport. He is going to be exhausted as he has been on night shift. Bit bummed that I then have to go away for work the next day, but can't do much about it. It's only for a night. I think I would have been more upset if it fell during our 'fertile' time of the month. 

Only 2 weeks until our holiday!!!