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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

At work again...keep seeming to hit that wall at 3pm! Though today has been full on! Several clients...all 1-1.5 hour sessions and all full on issues. It's great that I am getting lots of clients, but I had forgotten how draining it can be!!! I may not be doing physical labour but mentally and emotionally I am exhausted!!!!

Today has been slightly better side effect wise. Not feeling quite so nauseous but that may be because I forgot to bring metformin to work so haven't had any today! Have to remember to take them tonight. My mood seems to have stabilised somewhat too which is nice.

I am working myself up into a nervous wreck over my uni stuff. Such a stress head! I just need to knuckle down and do it instead of worrying about it. -sigh- I am still lacking the motivation though. Not a good way to start my academic year...I am now doubting my ability and whether I made the right decision to start studying again. Did I really need to add another stressor to my plate right now?!? I need to get through this term at least and then reevaluate.

Not much hope for this cycle. I am scared I will ovulate early again (which I think happened last cycle thus explaining the shortness of it). Ovulating early wouldn't be too bad if my DH had a normal job and was home each night, but as you all probably know by now-he doesn't! He will not be home until CD13 this time round and given I think I O'd CD11 or 12 last time..well we will probably miss our chance. Nothing I can do to fix this-it's out of my hands.

And before anyone suggests it (because it has been offered as advice many times in the past by people that think they are 'helping') I cannot just pick up and go surprise DH for a BD session. He is several hundred kilometres from home and is situated in a camp in the middle of nowhere...which involves 2 long drives and a plane trip to get to.

So all I can do is hope my body plays nice and ovulates once we are tucked away in our beach front bure in Fiji!

That's wishful thinking for you.

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