Day 12- Something I am OCD About

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I have often thought I may be slightly OCD..but I think most people are to a slight degree.

My number 1 OCD trait is to do with the volume on stereos, TVs..anything that displays the volume with numbers.

The volume must be displaying an even number..or a multiple of 5. Anything with 1, 3, 7 or 9...I cannot stand!!! My fingers itch to change the volume. DH thinks it's hilarious and purposely sets the volume at numbers I can't stand. It then becomes a fight as I change it and then he changes it back. This can go on for quite some time..especially if we are in the car driving somewhere!

I can't really remember what started this though.

Another thing I do is check my alarm is set before I go to sleep. And I don't just check it once. I check it sometimes at least a dozen times...I literally set the clock, put it down then pick it up again to check it's right. Then I pick it up again, check and put it back get the idea. DH gets really frustrated when I do this especially if I have switched off the lamp and then proceed to turn it on and off again as I check my alarm clock.

This has stemmed from my days of working at a bakery and having to be up and at work at 4:30am to open the shop. I always feared I would sleep in and when all the deliveries would come there would be no one there. It never happened of course..but this is when the obsessive checking of my alarm clock started!!

I could go on and on about OCD type things I do..but these are my main 2 and the ones DH find the strangest. I assure him that it could be much worse!

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