Day 18- Where I Live

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I live in the suburbs I suppose you would say. A suburb in a large coastal town in sunny Queensland, Australia.

I actually grew up in this suburb and when DH and I decided to buy a house it was at the top of my list!!!

So what's so great about it you ask?

-green (lots of trees and parks)
-friendly community feel
-lots of great schools close by (for our future kiddies)
-major shopping centre only 10 minutes drive away
-and best of all some of the best beaches in Australia are within 10-20 minutes drive!!!!!!!!

I love the beach and living in a coastal town is way more relaxed than living in the city. I lived in the city when I finished school (the closest major city being a hours drive from our suburb). It's noisy, busy and everyone is in a hurry! So not there are no decent beaches in sight (and I am most definitely a beach girl!).

We lucked out and found an amazing house within our price range in this suburb. We are on a 1700 square metre block surrounded by bush/rainforest. You cannot see our neighbors houses so the privacy is wonderful. It's in a quiet street and our own little paradise.

The house itself is about 20 years old but in good condition. It's spread over 3 levels with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, study, 2 living areas, kitchen/dining and laundry. Lower level has a massive outdoor area on a deck and there is a sizable front deck/porch as well! Combine that with 2 sheds for DH to keep all his tools, camping gear and motor bikes and we are a very happy couple!!!

Another draw to buying here is that my parents live less than 5 minutes away which is a comfort to me when DH is away. Infact the majority of my extended family live in this coastal town which means we all see each other regularly!

To be perfectly honest I would be quite happy living in this house forever. I hate moving and to me we have found what is almost our dream home. I am convincing DH but he wants to do some renos before he decides! We have big plans for improvements to be made (there's a list of them on our fridge) but it all costs money and the baby thing seems to have taken a front seat for now (which doesn't phase me of course!!).

So there you go...a bit of an idea of where I live!

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