here we go again

Friday, October 1, 2010

FS appointment yesterday was a waste of time. The locum gave me her professional opinion (she doesn't think my PCOS is severe enough to warrant drilling) but she wants me to discuss it with my regular FS and let him make the decision as I am his patient. I have decided that I dislike her even more than my current FS as she made a comment about me being young and having plenty of time to have a baby. She also made comment that she didn't think I should be on medication and that if I was patient that I would fall pregnant naturally!!! Grrrrr!!! Way to fire a TTCer up! 

I couldn't get in to see my FS until the 28th of October (my what a way to pass the day!!) so I guess I will see what he has to say about it all then. In the mean time we will go ahead with the first round of IUI and hope that we won't even need to think about drilling as perhaps I will fall first try!

So we rocked up to the IVF clinic this morning to drop off DH's sample for freezing. All seemed ok but the receptionist wanted to check with the staff to see if we needed to sign anything else etc. She came back with one of the scientists who proceeded to tell us that when DH had his SA done back at the beginning of the year it was not checked for sperm antibodies....(cue frustrated noises) She was happy to take the sample we had bought in and freeze it in preparation for our IUI...BUT wants DH to do another SA very soon to check for these antibodies. Gave us all the paperwork and the cup and then told us that if the results come back saying there are antibodies then we will not be able to do IUI and will have to go straight to IVF (I think my jaw may have dropped open by this point...). 

All of this is well and good...but WHY THE F%&$ wasn't this checked sooner?!?!?!?!! Why didn't DH's GP get it checked...or why didn't my FS notice that this wasn't done when he looked at DH's results and gave him the all clear?!?!?!?!?!!

Right now I am feeling that every doctor we have seen in regard to TTC has f%&$ed us over in some way. Everything that has happened the way it's happened has delayed us being able to have a baby.  

So now we have to squeeze in another SA before DH goes back to work...poor DH is not getting much action while he is home and is NOT impressed!! But to his credit he is not complaining too much and is willing to go along with all this. Then we hope and pray that there are no antibodies and we can give IUI a try next month. If it turns out IUI is a no go then I think we won't be able to start straight will be the issue and having to be able to fork out abour $10 000 up front will prove a problem. 

Plus we have the added issue of DH's car deciding to die the day he got home. Lovely. The gear box has shit itself and because it's a 4WD it would cost a bundle to replace/repair. Even though DH is a mechanic and could do the work himself. So at present we are taking to our mortgage broker and seeing if we can extend our loan so we can buy DH a new car. We have been debating this for the past year as he drives a 1994 that has been good to us, but has seen better days! It's all looking positive that we can get the extra money though which is great. But it couldn't have come at a worse time!!!!! 

I don't know how I feel about all this...the chance that we may not be able to do IUI has shocked me. DH and I haven't even talked about it since we walked out of the clinic, except to discuss when he would do his SA. I guess I should have expected another set always seems to be the way for us...perhaps it's the universes way of telling us we should not procreate?!?! Who knows...

Well I'm going to try and enjoy the rest of our weekend together. We have been in and out for most of today. Spent up big at Bunnings on stuff for the house. We even got a feijoa tree and some passionfruit vines! Hopefully we get some fruit off them all!!! Not much else planned. DH is off fishing tonight, and on Sunday a catch up with friends for the footy grand final.