Day 9- Passing of a loved one

Saturday, September 18, 2010

All my good intentions for a new blog topic each day have kinda gone out the window...but I am going to get back on track and just start from where I left off and go from there!

So here we are day 9.

The passing of a loved one..I am going to write about my grandfather on my mum's side.

We called him pop.

My pop was a wonderful man who was in the navy during WWII. His ship was the first into Hiroshima after the bomb was dropped. Being exposed to that kind of radiation is obviously never a good thing and as far back as I can remember pop was always having skin cancers removed. Over his last years he was diagnosed with 7 different kinds of cancers. When the last type (mesothelioma..caused from asbestos) was recognised, the doctors gave pop 6 months to live. This was mid 2002.

He lost his battle on the 31st August 2004. He was 78 years old and left behind my nanny, his wife of 55 years.

We all still miss him very much, everyday.

(I was going to write more, but have started to tear up...)

RIP pop-we love you xox