Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yes I've been slack, especially with my 30 days of blogging! I will be trying to catch up with my missed days tonight!

AF is still here. Today is CD3 and I have started taking letrozole again. Hope I won't be taking it for nothing...

I told DH last night that AF had arrived and that our next step is IUI. I hate that I never have good news to tell him. I can't wait for the day I can show him 2 lines on a HPT. I just hope it comes soon.

I also booked into my scan this morning so my ovaries can be checked out again. Hoping there will be good news from this and not more bad stuff to crush my spirits further. I got in on Monday afternoon, so we will have the IVF clinic in the morning and then after lunch once DH goes back to work I will have my scan done. I have been told that I need a full bladder and must drink 1L of water beforehand. Not looking forward to that...I am not very good at holding on!!!!

I have a stack of forms to fill in for the clinic. Most of it personal details plus some medical history and TTC stuff thrown in. It asked for my weight...eep! I stay away from scales at all costs..quite some time ago I decided that I didn't need to continually obsess over numbers on a scale. My GP weighed me when I went in for my appointment when I wanted a FS referral. I weighed 80kg and she said I could stand to loose 5kg to keep in a healthy weight range.

Well I didn't really think/do much about this...TTC is stressful enough without taking on a whole new diet and exercise plan. Naughty...but I figured 5kg over isn't too bad in the grand scheme of things.

I weighed myself the other day....


All I can say is thank you metformin! last you are good for something despite your nasty side effects.

Now I just need to tone up for Summer and I should be all set for the beach...

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