Day 19-My Worst Habit

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I am very cruel to my fingers. 

Not only do I bite my nails, but I also chew the skin around my nails until I bleed. 


I really have no idea! It's a cross between a boredom thing and an anxious thing...I think.

My DH hates it. Whenever he catches me doing it he grabs my hands away from my mouth. He has told me over and over again how gross it is and how much nicer my hands would look if I stopped doing it..but I can't seem to stop!

I have tried that gross tasting stuff that you put on your nails but that still didn't deter me...or maybe I just stopped putting it on coz I hated the taste! I go through phases of not doing it and my hands start to look nice again...but then I get bored or anxious and I start all over again. 

Right now my nails look good and are growing nicely (thank you vitamins!!) but the skin around each nail is awful. My thumbs seem to cop it the worst too...they almost always look sore and bloody.

I can't figure out a way to stop myself. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!


Lauren said...

This is going to sound silly, but I bit my nails from anxiety (and still do on particularly anxious days), but the only thing that's gotten me to stop is when I got my Blackberry last year. Now I can read twitter and emails and texts and stuff and I have something to keep me occupied instead of biting.

Summastarlet said...

Hahaha I have an iPhone which seems to be permanently attached to my hands (according to DH) but still manage to bite my fingers inbetween!! Perhaps I can tell DH I need to use my iPhone more to stop the nail biting?!?