Day 26- My 10 Most Frequently Used Websites

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am not very creative when it comes to websites...I pretty much come online and do the same thing each day!

1. Facebook -I think this is self explanatory...Oh did I ever mention I am a Facbook addict?! If I'm not looking at it on my computer, I am looking at it from my iPhone!

2. BubHub -My TTC knowledge base and  I met the lovely GreenSprout & Nani through the forums here. What would I do without them?!?

3. Blogger-So I can keep this blog updated and follow my fellow bloggers stories!

4. Hotmail-Try to keep up with my emails..but been a bit slack lately.

5. Google-How I find anything and everything online.

6. Melaleuca-I buy all my cleaning products from here.

7. eBay- I have to restrain myself here...get a bit carried away some days with online shopping bargins!

8. Big Fish Games-sometimes when I have nothing better to do I waste time playing pointless games...

9. Lamebook-For when I need a laugh.

10. Ummm....honestly I can't think of a 10th site that I use regularly!