Day 27-A Place I Avoid

Monday, October 18, 2010

I avoid the dentist. Infact, I have not been to the dentist since about 2004 or 2005. My teeth were fine then...

I never used to mind the dentist. We used to have the dental van come to school and I would have my yearly visit with no major dramas. I had a filling one year which was a bit scary but I survived!

But then one dentist picked up on the large gap between my 2 front teeth (and my sister had this too). He decided that we both needed a frenectomy. This was when I was 12.

The frenectomy was a painful procedure. Even with the needles I could still feel him cutting away at the skin. I could taste the blood in my mouth. Once he was done, I had several stitches (those dissovible ones) and was sent on my way.

I couldn't eat for a day or 2. Mum gave us icecream and jelly from memory. Scored a day or 2 off school from it also which was an upside to the whole thing. I healed up well, and the gap closed up nicely. You wouldn't even know I'd had it done.

But this procedure scared me off dentists. Even though I know I'd never have something like this done again, I don't want to sit in a dentist chair. I don't want needles or drills or cotton wool near my mouth!!!

We have had Private Health Insurance for years now which would mean I could go get a check up for free and if I need any work done it would be for a minimal cost...but I still don't want to go! DH and my mum keep urging me to go...but I can't bring myself to book an appointment!!!

Perhaps it should be my goal for this month...see the dentist. Hrmm...we'll see.