Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hens night = AWESOME!!!

The night went off without a hitch! I am so wrapt considering it was at my house and I planned most of it.

Everyone had a great time, especially the bride to be! Yay!!! We even went out on the town for a little while...but it's just not the same anymore now we are older....

So I'm lying in bed wondering how I can stop the room spinning yet managing to type fairly well (I hope) on my iPhone!

Still felt a bit envious of the bridesmaid who is pregnant. She announced this to us on Friday while we were shoe shopping. This is her second baby. Her first is about 14 months old. I felt I turned green with jealousy when she told us all....but think I managed to be enthusiastic for her. I just want my own so badly and here she is on number 2. So think I compensated with extra shots...

Hoping I don't regret this drinking in the morning. I honestly can't remember the last time I drank this much. Before TTC I think!

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Green Sprout said...

Uhoh... going to bed dizzy... someone didn't hydrate before hitting the hay... You may not feel so good today! :-P

Glad everything went well, it sounds like you had a ball - bout time too! :-D

Quirk you bout that hangover later! -snicker-