Attack of the Super Fertile

Monday, November 15, 2010

Just some snippets from a very long winded Facebook status (and conversation continued with people's replies to status update) that made my day...

'being pregnant is overrated I have never had a pleasant day being pregnant in my life and it's not fair'

'over this pregnancy and I'm only 15 weeks'

'apparently I am very fertile and that is why I keep getting pregnant'

Ok, I understand she is suffering from severe morning sickness and I can imagine that would be awful. But honestly this is her 2nd baby so chances are if you were sick the first time round, you are going to be sick with the 2nd.

I know I am probably coming off as a bitter and twisted infertile...but stuff on Facebook like this just feels like a punch in the guts.

I swear if I ever get pregnant I will not write any status updates complaining about being pregnant. I am going to cherish each and every day. I don't care how sick or miserable I am (if that happens).

I suppose TTC and having problems at least gives you the insight and helps you to become more sensative and intune to fertility issues. People who are super fertile just don't understand I guess.


Lauren said...

We definitely are more sensitive to these things. My mom has no idea why finding out my friend(s) are pregnant makes me upset, even though I've made my whole family read stuff about how to talk to an infertile. The comments drive me c-r-a-z-y on Facebook. And don't even get me started about how frustrated I get when people complain about their already-born child! Oh wah wah they won't sleep, or they won't let me watch Dexter, or whatever. I mean, I know life isn't all peaches and giggles when you have a child, but they should keep those complaints to themselves. IMHO.