Monday, November 15, 2010

Sorry sorry sorry for all the negative posts. I'm just trying to wrap my head around things and not dealing with everything as well as I thought I would.

Just to add to my emotional turmoil, DH has gone back to work today. After 3 weeks home. I now have to keep telling myself it's only for a week. I just need to get back into our routine I suppose. But right at this very minute I could cry because I miss him already and he's only been gone an hour.

Big baby.

I could sit here and write pages on how I'm feeling but I won't because you have heard it all before. I feel like such a whinger. But this blog is a place where I can put my true feelings out to air. Even though people in RL know about our troubles and what we are going through, I have not totally removed my game face. DH is the only one who has seen me cry about infertility and babies and treatment.

I would kill for a good vent/debrief/cry/talk session with one of my friends but it's so hard to organise time. GS & Nani are too far away for last minute catch ups (as is another friend who knows our story) and the ones who live close is on her honeymoon, one works super crazy long hours, one is undertaking end of semester uni get the idea here?!? By the time I could schedule a catch up with anyone I wouldn't feel the need for the vent/debrief/cry/talk anyway!


Nani said...

Aww summa... that is what a blog is for. Never feel bad about expressing how you feel!
I am sorry to hear that DH went back away today :-( that is so upsetting...
If you need anything, ever... you know that I (and I am sure GS) are here for yo... even if you just need a phone debrief!