Done & Dusted

Friday, November 5, 2010

Wedding is over..the day went so quickly and I think even more so because it was a morning wedding.

The weather cleared up in time for photos which was great. The bride looked stunning and the groom scrubbed up well (as did the groomsmen!). My DH had a clean shaven face for the first time in over 2 years!!!!!!! Wow!!!

Was lots of fun being a bridesmaid though my feet are absolutely killing me! Should have tried to wear in my shoes before today.

It's now after 11pm and I can't sleep. We are sharing a villa with 3 other members of the bridal party. Everyone else has retired to bed but me...damn insomnia.

Hoping there won't be a hangover like the hens night as I stuck with champagne all day and mixed it up with water and soft drink.

I am going to be all wedding-ed out as next weekend I am heading south for my cousins. Just going with my mum and sister...leaving the boys at home! I plan to wear my bridesmaid outfit over again as it's a gorgeous dress and very flattering. I will try and post some photos up of me looking all dolled up...I scrub up alright according to DH!

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