Wedding Bells

Friday, November 5, 2010

Up early to get our hair and makeup done for the wedding! Not sure if I mentioned it before but it is a morning wedding. So 5am start is already killing me!

Us girls spent the night up at the ceremony venue (a gorgeous B & B) and had a girly night of junk food and pizza. Lovely!

Had one of those awkward TTC moments when pregnant bridesmaid started asking bride to be when she was going to start having children. Bride has stopped the pill a week ago and I almost cried. She will probably be pregnant before me...Then bridesmaid asked if me and DH were having kids. Talk about awkward moment! My response (because although bride knows I really didn't feel comfortable telling everyone else) 'that's a whole other story'. Got a few 'ohs' and 'huhs' but it shut them up and I got no further questions!

Well I better head off to the shower. Wish me luck...I hope I don't trip!

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Green Sprout said...

5am is child's play. Toughen up! :-P

Have fun today!! Go and poke someone in the back for giggles - trust me, it will be amusing!

Nani said...

want to know what I was doing at 5 am...??? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sorry about the moment... that is a stinker, but have a great 'wedding day' :-P

Yeoette said...

Good luck and have fun =)