Infertility Gets In The Way (again)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Went back to work today. 200 emails waiting for me. Fun!

I'm leaving early to get my baseline scan done at the FS. It was the only time they could squeeze me in so couldn't say no. Then next week I will go into the IVF clinic to collect my meds, learn how to inject and pay the bill. Then once injections start it's pretty much all systems go with multiple scans and blood tests before EPU. If all goes well ET will be the 10th December.

Having a horrible stress at the moment. One of the emails waiting for me at work was from my supervisor letting me know that myself and 1 other staff member have been accepted to go to a conference down south and present a workshop we are working on. This would usually be a hooray moment as it's a great opportunity and an amazing conference BUT the dates clash with some of my scans and BTs that will take place just before EPU. Plus depending on travel times I may not fly back until day of our EPU.

So now I have to tell my supervisor that I cannot go. Even though when we discussed it quite awhile ago I said I was willing. I don't know whether to take the honesty option and tell her what is going on or just give a general excuse...

My main concern about telling her I am undertaking IVF is that my contract is up for renewal very soon and I would hate for this to be used against me as a reason not to re-hire. If this wasn't happening right now I don't think I would have any qualms about letting her in on this. I know it would be much easier given I may need to leave work early/have days off through out this process.

But giving a general medical reason might not satisfy and I don't want it to sound like a fake excuse. So I am swaying madly between the 2 and hoping I will figure it out.

I was speaking to my supervisor on the phone before and luckily it didn't come up in conversation. I know it will only be a matter of time before I have to tell her I am not going though.

Why can't stuff just fall into place for once?!?


Nani said...

hmmmm... that's a tough one. Sorry I didn't respond to your message this avo my push notifications have been playing up.
Anywho, I had a similar issue when I was going down to Sydney all that time while we were trying... but I suppose that was just getting in the way of ovulation rather that important appts.
I would be inclined to maybe say something like "I know we discussed this some time ago, but due to a change in personal circomstances right now travel for work isn't really possible." and if she asks, maybe tell her then? It's a bit hard to say but you have been doing this for a long time and it would be hard given that you have made so much movement to turn around now and hit the hold button for a work thing. What does A say?

Lauren said...

You could let her know you are having a surgical procedure and will have to be out for a few days. Maybe without being specific?