2 Wishes...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I hate rain!!! Especially the torrential, flooding type rain that we are experiencing here. And now it might ruin Christmas.

DH just let me know that currently he and his work mates are stuck out on the mine site. The road that leads back out is now flooded. As are the roads around town and to the airport. The rain isn't easing.

DH wanted to prepare me incase he can't get home for Christmas.

There is still time for the rain to ease and the water to go down...but he is up north and it is the wet season.

Here I am once again hoping for a Christmas miracle. It seems every year when we think DH will be home for Christmas, something happens about a week out making us wait and wonder whether he will actually get home. Last year he made it home 2 days before Christmas, the year before he surprised me on Christmas Eve. I just want him home in time for the blood test results...so we can commiserate or celebrate together..in person.

So now I have 2 wishes for Christmas.

-for DH to make it home

-and for our BFP

Am I asking too much?