Hopefully Hoping

Monday, December 20, 2010

So it's looking hopeful that DH will be able to get home. They managed to get back to the camp last night, but were still made to go back on site this morning despite the rain. Big storm last night knocked the closest mobile phone tower down so he had no phone reception until this afternoon. Unless the rain really picks up again tonight then they should be able to get through to the airport tomorrow morning! I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Meanwhile I am going completely insane. I have been so tempted to buy some HPTs and POAS today. I managed to hold off. I know I should wait for the blood test. Way more accurate. No mistakes. No false positives. Though the Ovidrel should be out of my system..it's been 14 days since I jabbed. I will see what DH says when he gets home..maybe I will POAS if he wants me to!

I made short breads this afternoon as a way to pass the time. They turned out beautifully! I usually leave the shortbread baking to my nanny but this year I figured I should give it a try. I made some regular ones and some chocolate ones. Yum yum! Now we are all set for Christmas treats...I made rum balls last week. Very naughty..but I only do this stuff once a year so it's always a treat.

I honesetly can't believe it's almost Christmas. Where has the time gone?!?