Here It Is..

Friday, December 10, 2010

Our beautiful little 2 day, 4 cell embryo...

This is what all the tests, injections, scans, pain and tears have been leading up to. And now we are here.

This little thing, no bigger than a grain of sand has now been put back inside me for safe keeping (hopefully for the next 8 months!) to grow into our baby.

Isn't science amazing?!!?!

Transfer was short and sweet. Quick run down with the nurses, then a chat to the scientist who then showed us the photo of our little embie.

Then the standard pants off, on the bed, sheet on...and before I know it Dr T is in the room and getting all the instruments of torture ready to roll!

So as Christmas carols were playing in the background (All I Want For Christmas Is appropriate) with DH, the scientist named Jasmine and Dr T (along with me in all my glory)...our little embie was shown into it's new home.

I was then told to lie there for another 5 minutes and reminded by Dr T to not undertake any strenuous exercise and to take it easy.

Once it was just DH and me in the room, I started to laugh. I told DH I much prefer the conventional way of's a lot more enjoyable and less painful! But hey, who am I to complain...if this brings us a little miracle then it is totally worth it!

We will get a call this afternoon to let us know how many little embies we have to stick in the freezer. This morning there were another couple of 4 cells but some others were close so they will give them a bit more time.

I guess I can say it now....

I'M PUPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kimnus said...

I am so happy for you and i am keeping my fingers crossed...i also think that christmas carol was appropriate.

Yeoette said...

Congrats on the transfer!!!! So happy for you guys and will be keeping my fingers firmly crossed for you and eagerly awaiting the results!!!!

Lauren said...

I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Sending happy sticky vibes!!!!!!!!!!

Nani said...

You're PUPO!