6 Weeks

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

As my title states, we have reached the 6 week mark today!! A little milestone on it's own and brings me closer to our scan and closer to the 12 week mark.

2 weeks 1 day until our scan!
6 weeks until 12 week mark and we can go public!

Not a whole lot to report but figured I couldn't let the 6 week mark go without a post.

My new bras are awesome! So comfortable. I am wondering if I need to wear one of them when sleeping as I was so uncomfortable last night and tossed and turned. My boobs were aching this morning. The restless night hasn't helped with my tiredness either. Think I will try it tonight and see if it helps.

Have been feeling a little bit dizzy/faint the past few days also, but I have read that this is normal for this stage of pregnancy. I am just making sure I don't stand up too fast. I would hate to fall over and hurt myself or little embie.

No real nausea today. Ate breakfast then a snack around morning tea. Big lunch of leftovers from last nights dinner. I am now feeling quite hungry again. Might have to snack on something before dinner. Savoury is still my favourite thing right now.

I will have to try and remember to take a belly shot tonight. Figure I will try and take them weekly from here to see if there are any changes happening. Not sure if I am brave enough to post them though...I am not a skinny minnie and definitely have a little pot belly already which is definitely not pregnancy related!


GS said...

Hey if I can put a belly shot up... you can too... even if I have only put one of me standing up. :-P But I'll get there..

Neil McMahon said...

Hi - wondering how I can contact you via email? I am a writer for a national magazine and would love to have a chat to you about possibly doing a story on your journey.
Neil McMahon
email: nmacmedia@gmail.com