Bits & Pieces

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Made my first maternity wear purchase in the form of 2 maternity bras from K-Mart as recommended by Green Sprout. I am still in my same cup size (DD) but these bras must have a bit more room to move (or grow I suppose) and are so comfortable!!! The bonus was the only cost me $12 each!!! I almost fainted. My usual bras cost me between $60-70 depending if I buy them on sale. I haven't paid $12 for a bra since I first started wearing them! I must admit I was a little wary when I started looking at all the maternity bras and none of them had under wire. To me big boobs + no under wire = major sagging! But I tried them on and was surprised. They do the job of holding them up so I was sold! Makes me feel a lot better knowing I won't have to go to work with my boobs overflowing..not a good look!

I have over done it today and tried to do too much. Woke up, cleaned both bathrooms, stripped the bed, put a load of washing on and hung it out, then headed to the shops for a few hours. By the time I got home I was exhausted. No chance for a nap either as I had a hair dressers appointment at 2pm to lop off all my hair! I am home now and I think a nanna nap is high on my agenda. Must remind myself that I may not be able to do as much as what I used to be able to least for a little while yet.

Savoury food is most definitely my favourite at the moment. I even turned down chocolate today-twice!!! Shock horror!! Today for lunch all I wanted was potato wedges with sweet chilli sauce. I could not think of anything else. And once I had it, it was not as good as I thought it would be. Major disappointment! I am trying to eat small meals/snacks throughout the day but finding this hard as my appetite has shrunk and I am not often feeling very hungry, but I am willing to give anything a try to stop nausea from hitting. Snack of choice at the moment are Le Snacks (3 crackers with french onion cheese spread all in a little pack). I have never liked the taste of these before but now I think they are awesome! I will be interested to see if my tastes continue to change throughout my pregnancy.

My hormones were rampant today. We went down to the shops to trade in our Wii console on one of those X Box Kinect thingys and I had rung the shop to make sure they would accept this trade and that they had a Kinect in stock. So we get down there only to be told there are none in stock. I was so angry!! That was the whole reason I called before we went down there!!! I managed to keep my cool, though I was probably quite curt to the girl as we left. When we walked out of the shop I felt like bursting into tears...wouldn't let myself as I felt so stupid for wanting to cry over a stupid game! Gave myself a few seconds and I was back to super angry and raging to DH about how stupid the girl in the shop was. DH thinks I am a nut job with all my emotions running all over the place. I think he will be glad to go back to work!

I had a call from the IVF clinic today to congratulate us. They have been shut since around the time I had my blood test done (which is why I haven't had a call sooner) and re-opened this morning. I had the chance to have a quick chat with the 2 nurses I dealt with the most throughout my cycle and they were so lovely. They said when they checked over all the BT results that had come in while they were closed and saw mine they all got very excited! Also relieved my worries about having stopped the Crinone at Christmas and said there was no reason for a repeat blood test unless I had been experiencing any spotting.

I also booked my first scan in today!! One of the nurses said I could go next week, but DH would not be home and he really wants to be there for it so I decided to stick with 8 weeks. My appointment is on Thursday 20th January in the afternoon. I will be 8 week 1 day. DH will be home. Hopefully we will see our little embie and hear a heartbeat. So the count down until scan day is on!!! Just over 2 weeks away so I hope time flies!!

I decided this morning that my hair was bugging me and it was time for a cut. It was almost to the middle of my back, so quite long and it is extra stupidly thick! My hairdresser had a free spot today so in I went. It's now just past my shoulders and has been thinned out. You should have seen the pile of hair on the floor afterwards! Feels so much lighter and I know it will be a lot cooler with all this warm weather we have been having. It's amazing how much better a new haircut can make you feel!