Hormones, Bras & MCNs

Friday, January 7, 2011

I started writing a post yesterday, but gave up. Just wasn't feeling in the mood to blog.

Yesterday I felt flat, tired and miserable. I was extremely emotional and DH copped it. Led to a massive yelling match over absolutely nothing. I knew I was being stupid and unreasonable but I could not stop myself! DH ended up leaving the house to get away from me, the super bitch! We kissed and made up when he came home about 2 hours later. Time apart was probably the best idea. It seems even the smallest things push me to my threshold and irritate me to no end.

To add to this, nothing appealed to me to eat. I snacked through out the day just to hold off the nausea but nothing tasted good. As I hadn't had a proper meal all day, I was starving by the time dinner rolled around. I decided pizza was what I wanted, and for the first time for the day I found something that I actually felt like and it tasted good. I even managed a few squares of chocolate.

Today has been a much better day. Despite a late night, terrible nights sleep and an early morning, my hormonal self has managed to control itself and not have a complete melt down. Haven't felt like much to eat,  but I prepared a pot roast and put it in the slow cooker for dinner and it smells amazing so I should have a good appetite for that tonight. Been feeling slightly nauseous on and off throughout the day, but once again nothing major. Planning for an early bedtime tonight as I am absolutely knackered. We have a busy weekend ahead of us and will be out both Saturday and Sunday night. So I need to stockpile some energy.

Made my first baby purchase decision the other day. Have been researching MCNs as I would much rather use these than disposable nappies. All a bit confusing as there are so many different styles and designs. I kept coming back to the Itti Bitti page as not only do they look gorgeous, the nappies look simple to use.

The Bitti Tutto is my pick of the Itti Bitti range. They are one size fits most so we should be able to use them from birth-toilet training. Very easy to use so DH can't complain. Come in a range of gorgeous colours and have a lovely soft minkee outer which suckered me right in! Can just imagine a little bum covered in a fluffy nappy! Got some good feedback for these nappies from Bub Hub users also which sealed the deal! So now I have to wait until we find out babys gender so I can order the nappies in some appropriate colours!

DH and I have also started discussing the baby's room and looking online at some furniture to get an idea of what we both like. Also it's been good to get an idea of prices so we can work out a bit of a 'baby budget'. We were going to go have a sticky at one of the local baby shops this morning but once I had prepared dinner and done some other things around the house I lost motivation to go out! Plenty of time to browse!

I have also started checking out E-Bay for baby items so I can get better ideas of prices and what constitutes a bargain online! Sure it will help if I am trawling the local paper for second hand baby gear too.

Prams/strollers are still a complete mystery to me though. I just cannot seem to get my head around what I want/need in a pram. More research will help me make some sense of it all I am sure.

I just really want to start compiling a list of all the things we will need for the baby and that way we can slowly start getting everything together. Even if it means only buying a few little things each week until we are ready to make some major purchases.

I have slept in my mat bra for the past 2 nights and it has definitely helped the comfort factor. However, these bras were not designed to be slept in and are not super comfortable. I have been recommended to look at some sleep bras which are all soft like crop tops which are meant to be much more comfortable to sleep in. Will definitely be purchasing one of these once I find them!


GS said...

Definately look at second stuff. Seriously, there is a MINE FIELD of bargains out there and we are talking really good quality stuff at dirt cheap prices!

A lot of things for little little ones are only used for a short time and many people will sell as soon as they are done with it and the product is almost as new.

Things to think about with prams:

* Do you want to take it outdoors on long walks or offroad to the beach? (Need a three wheeler job for that).

* What kind of boot does it need to fit into?

* Would you like the option of reversing the handle so baby faces you? (Need a four wheeler for that or buy a bassinet for the first few months).

* How easy is it to push around and does it matter if it is a little heavier to fold and lift?

* Does easy access to the little basket thing underneath matter to you?

* Is it a huge drama if you can't fit down some aisles at the shops (read your reviews... you'll get to know pretty quickly which ones have consistent problems).

* Do you want a pram that will be easily convert to have more than one on board?

* How much are you prepared to spend? (Again recommend trolling ebay or Gumtree when decided on a brand and model)

* Do you care about whether it folds up in one step of takes a few more?

* Of the above things, what is really important and what can you compromise on?

In general, think about the kind of places and spaces that you will be going with the pram and what would be handy or helpful. Review, review, review and reviews. Read what people are saying about what they find helpful and what is not. Nothing speaks like experience. Go to the shops and outline what is important to you and see what sales assistants have to suggest. Look at people in the shops and see what catches your eye, looks like a tank, what you see parents struggling with, what you see them do easily.

Give yourself time... it will come. You will start making mental notes and it will come together! :-)

Nani said...

Gee sounds like you are in the full throws of pregnancy!

I think buying things slowly is a good option. I know a friend of mine buys one MCN a fortnight when she gets paid so she doesn't miss the cash as much.

Agree with everything GS said about the prams. The other thing to consider is if you do go second hand but want a smaller pram for shopping then you can always get a cheap second hand jogger for walking. LOTS of options though, but also good to go look in the shops cause sometimes you have to see how big they are folded up to really get an idea of things.

As you know I am still up in the air about the pram thing, also just remember that if you do get second hand and you end up no liking it for some reason, you can always re-sell for one that suits your needs once you have some more hands on gos with you and bub!