Another Shot at Positive Saturday

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I was going to write another ranting, sad, angry post...BUT I remembered that I wrote a 'Positive Saturday' last week and figured it wouldn't hurt me to keep this up. So now lets see how long it will take me to come up with some positives...I think I am going to struggle. It would be a lot easier to write a 'Negative Saturday' post....

1. I still have some wonderful friends and family supporting me (although at the moment the friends are running thin).

2. I had some very yummy chicken and corn soup for dinner that I made in my slow cooker.

3. I still have 2 more days off work.

4. DH will be home in 3 more sleeps!!!!!

5. Had a lovely lunch with my mum, sister, sister's boyfriend, aunty and my nanny today.

6. Just had a video Skype call with DH...gotta love technology! Nice to be able to see his face as well as hear his voice.

7. We have the funniest dog...he makes me laugh and smile EVERY single day. Today he started running mad laps through the house at high speed and ran into a wall...hilarious! It didn't stop him though-he kept running around like a maniac!

8. The weather has still been nice...more sunshine than rain. Makes for a nice change.

9. From next week I am getting some more hours at work which will keep increasing until after O Week. Will be nice to have some extra cash coming in to pay off some bills.

10. It's hot but I have icy poles in the freezer to cool me off. Yum!!

Nothing major, but its nice to be focusing on these little positive things and not the big negative things happening in my life right now.