Baby Brain & Bubble

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My latest pregnancy symptom...BABY BRAIN!!

I did not think this was a real thing, until now! I am now a world class ditz and this has been slowly getting worse and more noticable over the past week. DH and his mate pointed it out to me last night after I came out asking DH how I had hurt my little toe (it's bruised black and blue) as for the life of me I could not remember! DH's mate pipes up with 'how can you not remember how you hurt yourself?' I had no good answer for that so he continued with 'the more pregnant you get, the more brain cells you are loosing!' and started laughing at me.

I am not sure how I will go at work. I have been forgetting so many things. Oh well, will be interesting! I suppose as long as I don't forget a clients name while I am talking to them! That would be embarassing!!

I over did things again this morning. I woke up with the cleaning bug and wanted to clean everything in sight! I managed to clean the tops and fronts of all my kitchen cupboards (which I have been wanting to do all holidays), clean the mould off the bathroom walls and door and clean some windows. I even managed to convince the boys to clean the outside of all the windows and the screens! Plus they cut down some tree branches which were hanging a little close to the house for my liking. All in all, a good effort!

I wanted to do more and so many things are staring me in the face yelling 'clean me' but I stopped. Spent the rest of the day on the couch and even had a nap. Still not feeling raring to go but hoping I will be able to remain awake at a friends BBQ tonight until a reasonable hour!

As for other symptoms..

-boobs and nipples still incredibly sore; sleeping in a mat bra is helping but I still want to invest in one of those sleep bras which has been recommended
-getting up 3-4 times a night to pee; plus peeing very regularly throughout the day
-crazed hormonal outbursts are now a regular occurance
-some slight nausea on and off throughout the day but nothing having something to eat doesn't fix
-decreased appetite/change in food tastes
-cramping has returned the past few days; hoping it's just embie snuggling in even tighter and getting comfortable; trying very hard to not become paranoid over this

I am definitely feeling pregnant, so not overly worried about the cramps..but I suppose there is always going to be that one little part of your mind which jumps to worst case scenario. I am trying to avoid this little voice at the moment as the cramps are no different to the ones I was experiencing a few weeks ago, they are painful more uncomfortable and I have experienced no bleeding or spotting. For now, in my mind our little one is fine!

DH and I have decided to call our little one 'Bubble'. I broached the subject of giving the embie a nickname with DH thinking he would decide this was weird, but almost straight away he came up with 'Bubble'. I think its cute...if only choosing real names was going to be that easy!

So Bubble, stay sticky. Can't wait to see you up on that screen and hear your little heartbeat.


GS said...

You will be amazed at just how errrr... stupid... you will become. Two nights ago I was on the phone trying to organise a time to pick up the rocker. I stormed around the house furiously trying to find my mobile so that I could look at my calendar. Emptying my bag, throwing paperwork around, pushing things out of the way until EVENTUALLY it dawned on me that my mobile was in my hand and I was talking on it. :-S Fortunately, the lady on the phone described a situation where she went looking for her son around the house only to realise she was holding him....

Cramping is no drama. I had it one and off until 12 weeks. I think the worst of it was 12 weeks and then they switched to BH at 16 weeks. Although from the reading I've done there really isn't any difference. Right from the start the uterus contracts to increase blood flow to itself, the placenta and Bubble. It is also part of toning and practising thing. A lot of women feel nothing... others are not so lucky. ;-)

Like you say, unless it becomes severe with any bleeding, it is all good and your body is doing what it is supposed to be doing!

Lauren said...

Bubble is a great name. :)