HPT Crazies

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My POAS count now stands at:

6 First Response
2 Digital
4 Internet Cheapies (thanks Greensprout!)
2 OPKs (thanks again to GS!)

Overkill?!? Maybe slightly. But it makes me feel better!

In the last 24 hours I have used my last FR and digital tests. I will not be buying anymore! I still have a few OPKs and ICs that GS gave me last time we caught up. They will suffice between now and my scan. I must say when the digital came up 'pregnant' yesterday afternoon, it was still really nice to see that word come up. Some days I am still slightly in disbelief that this is actually happening. That after all our struggles I am actually pregnant. I think until I see Bubble up on screen and hear his/her little heartbeat then I won't quite believe this.

The weather has turned absolutely miserable here. As I type, torrential rain falls outside and the dog keeps barking at the thunder. I am slightly concerned as DH decided today he wanted to go out moto riding with his mate. I'm not sure how much fun moto riding in the pouring rain is...but he has been gone several hours already so perhaps lots of mud is making it more fun?!? Not looking forward to washing those clothes...might make him do it before he leaves!

Rain is not exactly the best way to see out my last few days of holidays. Was hoping to squeeze in another beach day but thats definitely not going to happen now!! I am so sick of this wet weather. It really makes me feel unmotivated to do anything. I mean, it's 1:30pm and I am still in my PJs! Lazy bum!!

BBQ last night was great. It didn't rain...well it waited until I was driving home! There were quite a few friends there that don't know I am pregnant so I kept having to turn down drinks. No one actually asked why I wasn't drinking but I got a few strange looks when I didn't even want a sip of a new drink someone had bought. DH made a comment a few times that I was the DD (designated driver) so that probably helped in no one pushing the issue. I even lasted until about 11pm which after all the cleaning was a good effort!! However once we got home I couldn't sleep...and I woke up at 6am and could not get back to sleep. Despite feeling exhausted each night I am finding it harder and harder to get to sleep. Strange.