Baby Buys...and some TMI

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I have gone from one extreme to the other. From constipation  to diarrhoea. I'm not sure which is worse! The diarrhoea hit last night just before I went to bed. As I was already freaking out, it made me panic even more. Especially when in the early hours of the morning I woke up with what felt just like period cramps. I lay awake from about 4am-6am worrying like crazy before I drifted back to sleep for another hour before my alarm went off. The cramps have not returned. The diarrhoea has which make me wonder if this will be a nightly occurance?!

I was exhausted all day. I think I only managed about 4 hours sleep. Then mid afternoon a headache came on, which is only just starting to fade now at almost 9pm. I am so glad days off start tomorrow...2 days of work after almost 3 weeks off is plenty!

Feeling a little more positive about Bubble today. Symptoms all still there (despite my lack of morning sickness) and this evening I have actually started to feel quite nauseous (though that could be the headache). I am determined to stay positive. There is only 1 more week until my scan. Bubble will be fine.

I went to the Target baby sale tonight. I figured part of staying positive is starting to prepare for Bubble's arrival. So I put $150 worth of baby stuff on lay-by! Definitely a good start. I picked out some clothes. Mostly all in one short sleeve jump suits and singlets. All in gender neutral colours of course! Although I am determined that if we have a girl I will not insist on her wearing pink and purple and frills and flowers all the time! I looked at a cot but decided I didn't like it enough to buy it. I also scored a Childcare Fizz Highchair for $39. Nothing fancy but I figure why does it need to be fancy when it's going to get covered in food!

My favourite purchase is the Bright Starts Bouncer and Play Mat set which was on sale for $50. So cute!

So there you go, the beginnings of our baby collection. It's actually quite exciting. I could have gone nuts and bought up a stack more gizmos and gadgets. I am still tempted to go back for a Jolly Jumper. I know a few people who rave over them. They were only $35 so I may just go back and buy one if I make up my mind.

I sent DH a message letting him know what I ended up putting on lay by and his text back was so cute. 'That's so cool. We are having a baby!'. It's nice to know he is excited about all of this. We even had a good discussion this afternoon about prams. Have told him about the few I have my eye on and he is keen to get to the baby shops when he gets home to check them all out! Yay for an interested daddy to be!