Weather Woes

Monday, January 10, 2011

Well DH made it back to work luckily! The highway was closed last night due to flooding but reopened again this morning. Just after DH got through it was closed again and a massive detour put in place. This rain is just never ending...

I was watching on the news all the towns that have been hit was so sad. People have lost their homes and animals. Whole towns are underwater. Some towns had just started the clean up from floods just after Christmas and have been hit again. It's devastating! We live in a big state but it seems a very big proportion is flood affected currently. There has been a flood relief appeal opened to raise money for the victims and I heard on the news tonight that so far they have raised almost $30 million dollars. Warms my heart to think there are so many generous people out there willing to help others. The human race hasn't turned completely selfish.

For the non Aussies that may be reading try 'googling' Queensland floods and check out the latest news headlines. Might give you a better picture than I can paint.

So now I just have to hope that the rains don't hit up where DH is based for work. Then he might be stuck there! So far the rain has not hit where he is since before Christmas so hoping he stays dry. I would hate for him to miss our first chance to see Bubble.

On the baby front, I am feeling very teary about DH having gone back to work. I haven't been home alone for 3 weeks and now DH and his mate have both gone back to work, so it's just me and the dog (who is currently sound asleep on my bed). I think DH didn't want to leave with the weather the way it is. He went round the house rounding up his camping lanterns and putting them on charge so I had light incase of a blackout. He also reminded me about my storm kit that he made up for me (with a radio, batteries, torch, tape for windows etc etc) and where it was. He also kept telling me to be careful driving in the rain and if I saw water over the road up to a certain measurement that I should turn around and go home. Very sweet but also made me a bit nervous!

Nausea has kicked in a little more today even though I tried not to let myself get too hungry. Perhaps its a sign of things to come?!? Just in time for going back to work...eeek! Boobs are still very sore. Still super tired. Only mild cramping but definitely different to period cramps. Hopefully this all means Bubble is sticking around...

Been browsing online at baby stuff today. I am itching to start buying! Target's baby sale starts on Thursday and I have decided I am going to go and take advantage of their no deposit layby! There are some good bargains from what I have seen in the catalogue so I figure it's a great opportunity to start a baby stash! I have roped my sister into coming with me and she is very excited! Not sure if i will put any big ticket items on layby or just go for some small stuff for now. Will see how I feel when I get there Thursday night and if anything catches my eye.

I also started taking a closer look at prams today. Wow! So many options...It all gets a little much but have started narrowing down what I want. The biggest problem I have come up against is that I cannot get a pram that has/does everything I want!! Which means I have to compromise somewhere and give some features up. -sulks- Not sure where to start with that so I have put prams in the 'too hard pile' and figure I will pick it up again once I have actually played with some in the shops. Plan to do that when DH is home next so I can get his opinion.

Back to work tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it. I know it will still be quiet so that is a saving grace...if I start to go down hill shortly with morning sickness at least I won't have too much on my plate. Also, I might be able to close my door and sneak in a nap!!


Lauren said...

Oh my goodness, the floods look awful :( I'm glad you are safe!