Just a Quick One

Monday, January 31, 2011

Well..I survived last night. Lets just say it was awkward with a capital A! Small talk for the first hour before they decided to ask how I was. I was blunt. When I mentioned how lonely it had been without DH here the friend piped up with 'oh just let me know if you want company'. Honestly, should I really need to ask at this point in time??? Isn't it glaringly obvious that I would be lonely without my husband when I am trying to deal with the hardest thing I have ever faced in life?!?! Apparently not.

Oh and please, please don't say to someone that has undergone fertility treatment and has suffered a miscarriage to 'stay positive and it will happen' or 'it just wasn't your time yet'. Because it doesn't help, and it hurts!!!!! And while we are on the topic of what not to say...I don't want to hear about your cousin's sisters neighbour who stopped IVF and fell pregnant naturally..it doesn't give me hope. Not one bit.

On a happier note, the lovely friend who messaged me on Facebook sent me a gorgeous flower arrangement today. What a nice surprise and something that really touched my heart and brightened my day. Some people are just brilliant, and by the recent events it's the ones you don't expect!

I have had a few bloggers mention they are having trouble leaving comments...I have fiddled with my settings so I am hoping whatever wasn't working, now is. Let me know...


New Year Mum said...

Yeah... I agree :) 'Just relax and it'll happen" is another one... just relax !!! This is all to stressful to just relax :) People say the strangest things :)) xo

Awaiting our miracle said...

Sorry to hear people are so inconsiderate. When is your husband back?

Oh I can comment now!

Summastarlet said...

Ugh...I hate just relax! People have seemed to stop saying that now we have undergone IVF..some relief!

Glad the comments are working now!!My husband got back this afternoon!