Short and Sweet

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My laptop battery is dying and I am too lazy to get up and get the power cord so I best make this short...What a difference having DH home makes to my mood! It's amazing..I feel more at peace, less stressed and much more relaxed. Looks like he got home just in time too as there is a nasty looking cyclone due to hit close to where he works in the next few days. I dare say that if he had tried to fly home a day or two later that the airport would have been closed. So I am thanking my lucky stars that today was home day!!!

We went round this evening to see a couple that we are friends with who know about the IVF and the miscarriage as well. No awkwardness! No stupid comments that I am meant to see as helpful. It was lovely, especially after the disasterous catch up with the other friends on Sunday night. I am glad that some people can act normally around me and not freak out. It was nice to sit and laugh and have a glass of wine and feel relaxed in other peoples company for a change. I need more people like these 2 in my life-they are good value!

Not much else to report. Keeping busy at work which I am finding is a great distraction. My hours will increase over the next few weeks as I plan and organise orientation week, plus I have also been asked to run an online course. This is something out of my ordinary work so it makes for a nice change.

I am debating whether I should restart my uni studies this term or wait until mid year or even next work place is keen for me to keep studying and I am too in some respects, but I wonder what this year will hold TTC wise and whether it's just still too much to take on board. I have enrolled myself in 2 courses and am due to start early March, so there is still plenty of time to change my mind. I just don't want to put myself in the same situation as last year where it all got too overwhelming and I had to give up. I really want to advance my qualifications, but perhaps this isn't the right time in my life to be doing it. Any thoughts??

Ok lap top is beeping at me, best leave this post here.


Lauren said...

When I was in graduate school, several women became pregnant or had children. They'd take a semester off, do some online courses for awhile, and eventually return through night classes. One of my friends only took a few weeks' maternity leave before returning to class with baby in tow. It worked beautifully. Most schools will accommodate life changes. Might as well take advantage now, right?

New Year Mum said...

Hi... I've always found study a pleasant distraction but have decided myself not to take on extra stuff this year and devote my energy to TTC :) I figure that my job, qualifications and career aspirations will always be there next year... if I want them :)) xo