Need a Distraction

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Still raining..well pouring is more accurate. The highway is cut from both north and south. Towns only 40 minutes away are being evacuated. More and more roads in our local area are flooding. I ended up staying home from work today as I did not want to travel in this weather. Also my driveway is looking like a pond and I was a bit worried about flooding so figured I better keep an eye on it. I'm freaking myself out a little. It doesn't help that DH keeps messaging me asking for updates and he called before saying 'oh maybe you should go to the supermarket and stock up on food'. Eeek!! I can't stand to think of the situation being that serious...although I have been madly filling up all the spare bottles with water..just incase.

Probably just being super paranoid, but I can't help it! I am trying not to stress as I know it's no good for me or Bubble but I can't help it. I think it's because DH isn't here and I have to deal with whatever happens on my own. Another silly thought as my parents are just up the road and I know they will look out for me.

Ok so I am getting myself all worked up now...I'm all teary! Damn you pregnancy hormones!!

So since I stayed home from work today I decided to continue my baby product research! I decided to give the prams another try and I am slowly narrowing down my needs/wants which is making it easier to pick out certain models. I know I still want to get to the shops and test some prams out in person, but it will help if I have narrowed down our choices! The few I have my eye on are the Steelcraft Strider Plus (not sure if 3 or 4 wheel would be better). This one has options for capsule, bassinet & a toddler seat which is what I really want. I do also like the look of the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle but there is no option for a toddler seat. There are a couple of other prams I wouldn't mind looking at, but these 2 seem to keep popping up!

You may think I am jumping ahead with wanting a toddler seat, but with what it is costing us to keep our little embies on ice ($580 every 6 months) I think we will be trying for a second child sooner rather than later. I figure if we already have a pram that can take 2 children then it's one less thing to buy second time round.

I really need a distraction from this weather..I can't help but keep checking the updates available online.