A Rant

Monday, January 24, 2011

SIL has proven once again that she is a selfish b%^$#.

She left a message on DH's Facebook page pretty much saying 'Have fun back at work. Oh and by the way let me tell you how amazing my baby is and how adorable she is' (ok this wasn't her exact message but you get the idea). Is it just me being extra sensitive, or is this not appropriate given what DH and I have been going through this past week?!?!?! There was no 'hope you guys are doing ok' or anything like that...just a message purely blabbing over how wonderful her child is and how she is sleeping through the night (I'm not sure why DH needs to know this though..).

But I suppose I shouldn't expect anything more. She is a selfish woman and cannot think of anyone but herself. DH has not had a phone call from his mother or sister since he told them our news. Not one word. Our friends have done more for us this past week then DH's own flesh and blood. So sad. But so freakin' typical. And you can bet that next week when DH is home again his mother will be on the phone whinging that she hasn't seen him for so long.


How can DH be related to these people...


To add fuel to my fire...a pregnancy announcement on FB. A friend of mine down south has announced she is due to have her second child..in August. Felt like a stab straight to the heart. Any month but August...this means we would have only been weeks apart in pregnancy. Our mums are friends too...they would have loved that.

Honestly, the majority of females on my Facebook page are either pregnant or have babies. I dread checking in on there now as more and more pregnancy announcements keep popping up, or I am bombarded with adorable baby photos and smiling faces of proud mums and dads. I can't bring myself to delete or start hiding people's updates...it's like a car crash...I can't look away.

So pathetic living vicariously through other people's photos...


Lindsay said...

I so very much dislike your SIL. I can get taht shes is being selfish and not asking how your doing (frankly I would perfer you not ask unless you actually care to have an anwser) but how dare she make any mention of her own child with what you are dealing with! If I knew her I would kick her in the shins for you.

On the FB front I competely understand. It took me awhile to stand up for myself and start hiding people. I just can't take it to see suprise messages. I still care to check up on these ladies but I would rather do it on my own terms in when I'm in the right mood for it.

I your making it through the day ok with your DH back at work.

Lauren said...

Hey pretty lady, I have given you an award or two. Details on my blog. http://whatsinlaurensuterus.blogspot.com/2011/01/bright-side.html