Hit Me With Your Statistics

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

11% of woman are affected by PCOS.

1 in 6 couples are infertile, or around 15%. In 35% of these cases the problem rests with the woman.

Less than 5% of infertile couples use IVF.

There is a 5% chance of miscarrying in weeks 6-12.

According to the 'pregnancy predictor' on the QFG website we now have a 1% chance of conceiving naturally but a 45% of conceiving through IVF.

So there you have it. How come I have to fall into these minority statistics?? And not just in one category, but many...It just doesn't seem fair.

I've been hit with PCOS, infertility, IVF & miscarriage. Some people are lucky enough to escape all of this, others may be hit with 1 or 2....BUT I get hit with the works.


New Year Mum said...

Someone said to me soon after we lost Gabrielle that one day we might see her passing as a 'gift' that we grow and learn from... I'm still trying to find the answer and don't like being a minority statistic either ! Why us ?!?... I would prefer not to "learn or grow" at all than to endure the pain and these issues that no-one else seems to understand. Completely with you :)

Lindsay said...

Ok that tracker is awful. Its like a car wreck and just plain mean. I do not like it one bit. It should be taken down right away.