Positive Post

Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's Saturday and I thought I would stick with my new tradition and think of some positives.

1. I got to spend the day with Green Sprout & Nani today. Haven't seen these 2 lovely ladies since just after Christmas so it was great to catch up with them both.

2. Had a yummy lunch at Grilled. They do the best burgers!!!

3. Only 3 more sleeps until DH is home again.

4. I bought DHs birthday present yesterday so I am now all organised.

5. Catching up with another lovely friend tomorrow. One who hasn't been awkward and distant since I miscarried.

6. Weather has been perfect the past few days. I love sunshine!!

What's positive in your life right now?

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WaitingVicky said...

Thank you for the positivity! I think it's a wonderful idea, and one I should really partake in too. I shall also try setting aside a day where I list what I am grateful for or what made me happy that day!! Hope you enjoy your weekend, and the sunshine :)

New Year Mum said...

Feeling positive about getting through the past year and onto IVF... and blogging has helped see the positives. Thank you to you and everyone else I'm 'meeting' along the way xo