I'm Still Here..

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hormones are driving me insane. Poor DH copped it the last few days before he left...he even left earlier than needed to go to the airport yesterday because he couldn't stand me any longer!! Ouch! Yesterday was really bad. I was angry at EVERYTHING. I was yelling and screaming at DH, at the world, at inanimate objects. I just wanted to scream and stomp and break things. By the evening I was the opposite. I was sad and teary and miserable.

I can't even blame this on fertility drugs..because I'm not on anything. My thinking is that my period is coming. I'm CD23 today and if I go back to my regular 26-28 day cycles then it won't be long. I have also been experiencing some light cramps for the past 4-5 days so that's usually a good indication of my period coming too. Not sure how to explain the extreme hunger and oily, pimply skin though...such fun being a female.

Well it's almost 8pm and thanks to an uber busy day at work and a terrible nights sleep, I think it's well past my bedtime. Just figured I better update with something. I'm still here, still alive..hanging by a thread.


Nani said...

<3 glad to hear you are still there.... Jut wish you weren't hanging....


New Year Mum said...

Us women certainly have the raw end of the bargain :( Sorry that you're feeling so hormonal... at least the next AF is one closer to the next step. Hope a good nights sleep helped xoxo