Sunday Night Blues & The Rifle Range

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I really dislike Sunday nights. This probably stems from my school days and knowing that Monday was only hours away and it was back to school and routine for another week. You would think I would have grown out of this at 26...Now I suppose, when DH is home, it's our last night together before he leaves for another week away. Which of course makes me sad.

I can't really pinpoint any other reasons why Sunday nights always leave me feeling sad and somewhat lonesome. I always seem to be in a funny mood as Sunday evenings roll around and can't seem to shake it, no matter what I do. Just one of those things I guess.

The weekend (and DH's time home) has again passed much too quickly for my liking. We didn't get up to anything exciting. The highlight was my first visit to the shooting range! DH has only fairly recently got into guns thanks to a guy at work. This led to getting his gun license, bolting a giant gun safe into our wardrobe and of course, purchasing his own guns! Now I will admit, I was quite shocked when DH first decided this was his new hobby. I have never known anyone who did this (until I met his mate from work) and thought it was a little scary. But I can now proudly say I am converted! I now get why people enjoy shooting as a hobby...because it's awesome!! This morning I spent several hours at the range and enjoyed every minute of it. Not just the shooting, but watching others shoot. It's all quite fascinating, especially the mix of people that were there. Not what I expected at all!

DH is a good teacher and I managed to keep my shots to the targets, which I was pretty pleased with. Before this I have only shot cans with an air rifle (not well) and shot randomly at trees and things when we went camping last year. So targets was a step up and a challenge. We started with the bigger gun...way too heavy for me and the kick back....OMG! Inside my shoulder is killing me and I think I may have a nice bruise there come morning!! Although that's better than a black eye (which DH warned me about so I made sure my eye stayed clear once I pulled the trigger...Once I switched to the smaller gun, I had a ball! DH could hardly get it off me for a shoot and I have now claimed this one as 'mine' (not sure how DH feels about this as he only picked this gun up earlier in the week!!).

I think DH is quite excited that I enjoyed the range so much. I am not really into many of his hobbies (fishing, 4WDriving, hunting) and most of the time I leave him to enjoy these pastimes with his mates. However, the shooting range is something I can get on board with!


Kat said...

Oh, that sounds like so much fun. One of my students (all of 11 years old) keeps talking about the shooting range. I shall have to find out where he goes.

Kat (ICLW 42)