Happy ICLW..and 1 Year of Blogging!

Monday, March 21, 2011

So it's that time again..ICLW! This is the 2nd one for me and I am happy to be back for more. Last month I found a stack of new blogs to read, and gained some followers for my blog too. It's all about sharing the love!!

So if this is your first visit to my blog-welcome! And for your reading pleasure..our story in a nut shell!

Meet DH November 2002
Engaged 9 March 2005
Married 14 April 2007
Start TTC 1 August 2009
Diagnosed with PCOS June 2010
4 cycles of Letrozole & Metformin June-Sept 2010
First IVF cycle Dec 2010
BFP Dec 2010
Miscarriage Jan 2011

Which pretty much brings us to now. 2 months post miscarriage and waiting to see a new Fertility Specialist who has come highly recommended. A 2 month wait list has to stand for something right?!? The appointment is almost here. Friday I will meet the new specialist and hopefully transfer clinics and get the ball rolling to have our 6 little frosties transferred too. Hoping that a FET cycle is in our near future, along with another BFP and a sticky pregnancy.

Yesterday marked my blogs first anniversary! Have definitely come a long way in the past year...what a roller coaster ride! That first post seems like a lifetime ago now. So much has changed, yet so much is still the same. The biggest non change being there is still no pregnancy and still no baby.


eggsandsperm.com said...

Happy ICLW and one year anniversary! I hope your appointment with the specialist goes well!

New Year Mum said...

Happy Anniversary :)) A long wait must be a good sign of how amazing your new FS is and how much people want to see them... great sign for you but must be so frustrating :( Not long now. Thank you for your gorgeous comment on my blog xoxo

Tippy said...

Stopping over from ICLW from #63 & #153. i'm so sorry for your miscarriage :-( One day this journey will get easier, huh? Glad you have some frosties to work with.

Reedu said...

It's a big month for you with the blog-o-versary (congratulations!) and the upcoming appointment with the new fertility specialist. I have learned a lot through these IVF blogs; the terms and abbreviations yes, but more importantly about the struggles, anticipations the pain and the loss. It makes me sad but hopeful and happy to know someone so courageous.

Wonder Woman said...

hello from iclw #143! Good luck on your FET...i'm headed for one myself.

(very sorry about your m/c i know that had to be rough)