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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DH's car has been written off, so it's car hunt on. We went to see it one last time today so DH could grab his bits and pieces out. It looked so sad! Looking at the car close up (and right way up) I am amazed that the boys managed to get out without any injuries. The car is trashed!! DH is sad, but kind of relieved that they are not going to repair it. Cars are never the same after an accident like that. The car hunting isn't going to be fun. It took DH months to find this car and we got it for a bargain price. I don't know if he will be that lucky again...can't do too much but trawl the Internet until we get the cheque from the insurance company.

In cycling news, I am just plodding along and hanging out for my scan on Friday morning. I am hoping that all will be fine and we will be going ahead with a FET sometime after the Easter long weekend. So perhaps by this time next week I will be PUPO!!

The Clexane is still giving me grief. I am now bleeding from the needle prick after each jab..bleeding a lot! I guess all these blood thinners are doing the job! I am going to try icing my belly before and after the jab to see if this helps lessen the bruising. My belly looks like a junkies...

One more day of work to get through and then I get an extra, long weekend-5 days!! Easter and ANZAC day all fall around the same time this year. No exciting plans. DH is off on a 'boys only' camping trip and leaves tomorrow afternoon for a couple of days. Kinda peeved at him ditching me and skipping out on my scan to go camping...but I'll get over it. I'll catch up with my mum and my sister and I am also going to visit with my nanny on Sunday. Plenty to keep me busy while he is away!


Gurlee said...

How exciting, you are so close!
I am glad your hubby was unscathed. Good luck with the car search.

Baby Hopes said...

Good luck with the car hunting... it can be a long process. Hoping you're PUPO very soon!!!