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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hey fellow bloggers!

My weekend starts today and I couldn't be happier. I am exhausted!! My insomnia has come back with a vengence and sleep has become a difficult comodity to come by in my household. I lie there for hours trying to fall asleep and when I do I wake up every hour or so. The sleep I am having is restless and full of stressful/upsetting dreams. I am waking up every morning with gigantic bags under my eyes and I am finding it so hard to drag myself out of has been my saviour at work. I would not have been able to function without a large one each morning. By the time I get home of an afternoon I am drained of energy and have been falling into bed by about 8:30pm...where the cycle starts all over again!

I am hoping that I can have a bit of a sleep in tomorrow to catch up on some of my lost Zzzz time. I really need it!!

Tomorrow I am off to my new clinic for a registration appointment. It seems like such a waste of time to me. I have already seen the new FS and the nurses in his rooms, yet I still have to meet with the nurses of the clinic (separate to the FS nurses) to discuss what, I don't know! Asides from paying my clinic registration fee of $195 and finalising the last of the paperwork to transfer our embies, I don't really know what else these nurses can tell me. I already know the treatment plan, have my meds & know the ins and outs of IVF. *shrugs* A 2 hour round trip for a very short appointment is slightly annoying but they wouldn't let me skip it.

My period should arrive anyday now which means this FET cycle will be underway. The cramps have started as have the PMS symtoms..a breakout of pimples and a foul mood. I will have to make another trip in to see my FS on day 2 of my cycle for a I suppose knowing I am headed there tomorrow and then making another trip in another couple of days is frustrating me. Oh well..a small price to pay for such an awesome doctor!

In other news, it looks like DH's work rosters are changing. Instead of coming home on Tuesday next week, he will not be home until Thursday. He will then get to stay home for about 12 days (wow..longest he has been home in awhile) before he goes back to work and starts a new roster of 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. I'm not super impressed. He has done a 2/2 roster before and it was annoying. 2 weeks is a long time away (though we have had longer) but it's also a long time home. DH actually starts to get bored after about 9-10 days at home and we start to drive each other crazy. Perhaps it will be different this time round (he claims he wants to get to work on some house projects) but I doubt it. This change in roster also looks like DH will not be present for our transfer. I think this bothers me more than him though...Funny to think I may get pregnant without my DH being in the room (and being about 1000kms away). Just one of the quirks of IVF I suppose.


Amanda said...

Poor you! I hope you're able to catch up on some sleep over the weekend.

Although it does seem pretty annoying that you have to keep this nurse appointment, it's exciting that this cycle is about to start!

Krista said...

Hey Sweets- I think we may be twins in the sleep department. You described exactly what I've been dealing with for awhile now....I a "T." Getting in bed at 8:30 to toss and turn all night, falling asleep randomly for short periods of time with bad dreams, waking up exahausted and un-rested, draggin through the day, etc. I actually got a good nights sleep last night for the first time in a long time, but I still don't feel rested. I could sleep for a week! This is all so stressful!!
Glad to hear your FET is coming up! We can be FET buddies! I was worried my husband may not be arond for our transfer either....he travels a lot! But, it worked out okay...whew!
I'm thinking of you and hoping you can get some sleep and get your cycle on the road!!

Baby Hopes said...

I hear you on the sleep... I'm really struggling with it these days. I hope you can catch up on it! Congrats on your upcoming FET!!! I would also be disappointed if my husband couldn't be there for the transfer. I do hope this time brings you your baby.

New Year Mum said...

Sorry about my slow commenting this week :( Sorry to hear that you're not sleeping so well... makes the day a nightmare and then a vicious cycle to feel so tired and not be able to sleep - know your pain. Great news that you'll be starting your FET cycle soon... but wish your DH could be there with you... IVF certainly has many quirks ! Hope AF arrives peacefully and that your appt is not too much of a waste of time for all that travelling. Love always xoxo