Guess What?!?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Today marks 9 weeks!

Another mini milestone reached, and one week closer to the end of the first trimester!! I just hope all is going well with our little blob inside me.

I am enjoying having DH home, though he has left me home today to go fishing with a friend. I don't mind too much as it's cold and drizzling with rain so I've been rather lazy and stayed tucked up in bed with my laptop and the dog! He is going to laugh at me when he comes home and finds me still in my PJs!! But honestly...what's better then staying in bed all day when the weather outside is miserable?!?

DH I think is starting to come round more and more to the fact that there is going to be a baby. He is really looking forward to the first ob appointment so he finally gets to see the blob for himself. I'm looking forward to it so I can be reassured that everything with blob is still A-OK! Oh and seeing the look on DH's face when he sees our baby and hears the heartbeat..I think it's going to be a very special moment.

DH even offered to go to some baby stores so we could start looking at what we want to purchase (after I told him how freaked out I was feeling about all the decisions and that we would run out of time trying to get organised for this baby). First baby shop we went to yesterday was having a massive sale. It was so tempting to just start buying up the entire shop! After we wandered around pointing stuff out to each other, I dragged DH over to the prams so I could show him the one I have been eyeing off since last time I was pregnant.

After having a play (and getting thoroughly confused), we asked one of the shop assistants to come and give us a lesson. I was glad we did, otherwise I would have left thinking the pram I wanted was way too complicated and would have started my research ALL over again! We both played around with the pram (once we actually knew how to work it) and both decided that this was the pram for us. Shop assistant then told us that the pram was on sale for $200 less than usual..bargain!! DH contemplated for about a second and then said 'lets buy it today'. So we did. Our first major baby purchase...the Strider Plus 3 in Kingfisher Blue!!

I am super excited. Buying something so major makes this all feel a little more real. And I am so glad that DH is going to be so easygoing with baby purchases!! I pointed out a few more things that I have been looking at and we are actually agreeing on things (unlike baby names but that's another story). Just before we left the store I sat down in a gorgeous glider chair and DH says 'oh that's really nice, we should get you that'. I almost jumped up and down in excitement!! Buying for this baby is going to be so much easier if he continues to behave like this.

9 more sleeps until the ob appointment...counting down the days until I can see our blob again.


Baby Hopes said...

Congratulations!!! Each and every milestone is something to celebrate! :) So glad your husband is home. I love snuggling in during rainy days as well. Kind of wanting to snuggle in today myself, but unfortunately, I have a lot of errands to run. Hope these next couple of days pass quickly for you!

♥ C said...

Congrats on the purchase! What a bargain! I'm looking forward to doing that in the next few weeks ( waiting for our 1st ultrasound before we go crazy) hehe.
Glad it's all going fantastic! x

Corinne said...

Congratulations on reaching 9 weeks! And what a wonderful first shopping experience! I hope the shopping continues to go as smoothly as this first trip did.

Kelli said...

=0) whoo hoo for your nine week milestone. I was really curious what a pram was...thanks for the visual!! what a nice looking item!! =0)

JM said...

Gorgeous stroller! I love the color... and love how much you and your husband were able to bond over the shopping process! SO happy for you guys.