Are Those Really My Boobs?!?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hopefully when I stop being so lazy I will have a bit of a photo post to share with you all in the next few days. But in the mean time you will just have to settle for words!

I have noticed in the last week or so that my under wire bras are very uncomfortable to wear, plus my ever growing boobs are just spilling out of them (not a good look)! So I bit the bullet today and went to get fitted for some maternity bras...The lady in the store was very helpful as I was standing there looking at the bras looking a little completely lost!! Before pregnancy I was size DD...and today I found out I am now an F cup!! OMG!! I was quite shocked, but I guess it can only get worse from here....I just hate to imagine how big my boobs might get by the end of this pregnancy...scary thought!! The bras (despite being huge) are super comfy. I ended up buying 2...1 black, 1 white so this should do for now.

I also invested in a pair of maternity pants the other day. They are just black dress pants so perfect for work and comfy!! I think next on the list will be a belly belt so I can still wear my jeans, plus some longer tops as mine are getting a little short. I guess you can realise that I do have something of a small bump developing, which I am super excited about. I cannot wait to look pregnant..instead of just looking fat and bloated with big boobs!

I am slightly in disbelief that tomorrow marks the beginning of the 2nd trimester. I cannot believe that we have made it a third of the way without any problems! Feeling very blessed.

So my symptoms now include:

-tiredness (cannot wait for the 2nd tri energy burst!!)
-nausea (only when really, really hungry and this seems to be easing)
-increased boob size (hello maternity bras) & enlarged nipples
-sore/tender boobs and nipples
-slight baby bump (woohoo!!!)
-blocked sinus/bloody nose
-increased sense of smell
-itchy skin (mostly around boobs and belly..where my skin is stretching I suppose)
-peeing frequently (more so during the night but increasing in the day time hours now too)
-raging hormones (I feel so sorry for DH..he just cannot escape these mood swings whether I am on hormone meds or not)
-increased CM (let me just say-panty liners are my new best friend....)

I've also noticed that my skin and hair are less oily...surely something to do with all these different hormones coursing through my veins! Hahaha...

To be honest, I am really enjoying being pregnant. I have been so lucky to have missed out on morning sickness, I love seeing the changes in my body (yes even the big boobs) and knowing that there is finally a little human growing inside of me. So far, so good...and totally worth the wait!


Marissa said...

How exciting that you're beginning to show!!

Congrats on breaking into the 2nd trimester!

Kelli said...

yay for all these signs!! My sister started as a B and ended up on G or something ridiculous like that! She was buying a new bra all the time and loved her maternity/nursing bras! I wish you all the best! said...

Wonderful to hear that you're breezing through without morning sickness and onto T2 :) Congratulations :)) Wait until you start breast-feeding - my boobs got even bigger !! Love to you and bub xoxo