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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Here's my photo post as promised.

The beautiful crocheted baby blanket that my aunt made (with some input from my grandmother).

Of course given that baby will be born in the middle of Summer, this piece will be purely decorative until we reach the cooler months.

A cute toy another aunt gave me. It squeaks and the dog is fascinated by it!

She also gave us some baby massage oil, wash cloths and this....

Some fluffy mail I received a few weeks ago.

Hoping to use these Itti Bitti Tuttos OSFM full time. Can just imagine our little one wearing these and having a super soft, fluffy bum!

And last but not least the gorgeous blanket my mum knitted just for me! It's so soft and warm.

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Marissa said...

wow, that's a gorgeous blanket! Makes me want to learn to knit...

♥ C said...

Lovely things you have there for your little one. I wish I knew how to knit cute little things sometimes. Hope you are well! xx